redtoffee (redtoffee) wrote in chronicfatigue,

Please vote for the WPI to get up to $200000 in the final round of vivint

The Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) is in the final round of the vivint competition. Please vote every day for the next 10 weeks, 4 days. If the WPI comes first in the region it will win $100K. If it wins overall it will win $200k. It is currently in 1st for the region and 4th overall.

Please like the page here:
and pls vote daily for 10 weeks plus here:

It just takes two clicks a day! Voting started today for the final round.

If you want to join a group and get a daily reminder email to vote, go here:

To find out more about the WPI, go here:

Thank you! Please spread the word.

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